Villa Testimonials

Martin Simons

I could not be more comfortable. I came to live in the Ardmillan Place village in August 2012 when I was 82. I will be happy to remain for the rest of my life.

I am independent, truly free. I go out or stay as I please do what I feel like doing, visit my daughters and grandchildren or invite them here, go out for the day or longer, whatever and whenever I wish. Nobody interferes but help of all kinds is available if I need it.

The villa, air-conditioned, has a spacious main room, larger than any I have ever had before. There are kitchen and dining facilities at one end near the sliding door with a large window. There is ample room and light for my desk with computer, printer and scanner. I can reach out to the world or switch it all off. Two thirds of this room, carpeted, has my sofa and armchairs, bookcases, cupboards, TV and radio. Sound insulation is excellent. No-one complains when I play my discs. The neighbours are friendly.

There are two ample bedrooms, both with ensuite showers and toilets. There’s a small laundry space and linen cupboard, a walk-in dressing room with drawers, shelves, racks and light.

I have a garage for the car and still space there for my huge bench and hobby equipment. My hobby has taken over the spare bedroom too. It has become a workshop. It could easily revert to a bedroom if necessary.

In the main building the friendly administrative staff are available if needed. Here the villa residents also meet others from the apartment block. There is an excellent café, a hairdresser, a small shop, an exercise room and other spaces for games, snooker, cards, scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, a sewing room, a small library and large TV, a theatrette for film shows. We can arrange formal meetings and social gatherings.

Shops and supermarkets are within easy reach. The bus stop is just outside, tram and train stations are close. I live alone but I live very well. I want for nothing and wish for nothing better.